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PhD student, researcher



Ecology, Taxonomy and Nature Conservation Centre

Institute of Biology - Bucharest

Romanian Academy

296 Splaiul Independentei, 060031 Bucharest, POBox 56-53, ROMANIA

Phone + 4 021 2219202, Fax + 4 021 2219071



Research interests                                                                                                          Up

-         Vegetation ecology at local and regional level, the spatial and temporal dynamics of populations in relation with landscape composition and configuration, and the modification of these under the influence of land-use changes.

Background                                                                                                                    Up

-         2006-present: PhD student within the Institute of Biology, scientific adviser: Prof. Dr. Marian-Traian Gomoiu, corresponding member of the Romanian Academy,

-         2005-2007: MSc in Management of Biological Diversity – Swedish Biodiversity Centre – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences & Uppsala University (Sweden),

-         2004-2007: MSc in Territorial Planning and Regional Development – “Ion Mincu” University of  Architecture and Urbanism, School of Advanced Studies,

-         2000-2004: BSc in Ecology and Environment Protection – University of Bucharest, Faculty of Biology,

-         Positions within the Institute: Researcher (since 2008), Research assistant (2005- 2008).

Publications                                                                                                                    Up

Papers published in ISI journals – selection 


1.      Hartel T., Schweiger O., Öllerer K., Cogălniceanu D., Arntzen J.W. 2010. Amphibian distribution in a traditionally managed rural landscape of Eastern Europe: probing the effect of landscape composition. Biological Conservation (in press, IF: 3.566).

2.      Hartel T., Nemes Sz., Cogălniceanu D., Öllerer K., Moga C.I., Lesbarrères D., Demeter L. 2009. Pond and landscape determinants of Rana dalmatina population sizes in a Romanian rural landscape. Acta Oecologica 35(1): 53-59 (IF: 1.306). 

3.      Hartel T., Öllerer K., Cogălniceanu D., Nemes Sz., Moga CI., Demeter L. 2009. Pond-based survey of amphibians in a Saxon cultural landscape from Transylvania (Romania). Italian Journal of Zoology (in press, IF: 0.552).

4.      Moga C.I., Hartel T., Öllerer K. 2009. Ancient oak wood-pasture as a habitat for the endangered Tree Pipit, Anthus trivialis. Biologia 64(5): 1011-1015 (IF: 0.406)

5.      Moga C.I., Hartel T and Öllerer K. Status, habitat use and distribution of the corncrake Crex crex in the Saxon landscapes of Southern Transylvania, Romania. North-Western Journal of Zoology (ISI listed, accepted, 2009).

6.      Moga C.I., Öllerer K. and Hartel T. The effect of reed burning on the habitat occupancy of passerine species. North-Western Journal of Zoology (ISI listed, accepted, 2009).

7.      Hartel T., Moga C.I., Öllerer K., Demeter L., Ruști D.M., Sas I. Balog A. 2008. A proposal towards the incorporation of spatial heterogeneity into animal distribution studies in Romanian landscapes. North-Western Journal of Zoology 4(1): 173-188 (ISI listed).

8.      Hartel T., Nemes Sz., Cogălniceanu D., Öllerer K., Schweiger O., Demeter L., Moga C.I. 2007. The effect of fish and aquatic habitat complexity on amphibians. Hydrobiologia 583: 173-182 (IF: 1.049). 

Papers published in international journals and conference volumes – selection 

1.      Öllerer K. 2009. Nature protection, environmental education and territorial development in Natura 2000 sites. [in Hungarian with English abstract]. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Environmental Sciences from the Carpathian Basin, 26-28 March, 2009, Sapientia University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. ISSN 1842-9815, pages 277-282.

2.      Öllerer K. 2009. Traditional land-use practices and their role in the management of cultural landscapes – the Breite wood-pasture in Transylvania, Romania. 15th International Symposium on Problems of Landscape Ecological Research “LANDSCAPE – Theory and Practice”, September 29-October 2, 2009, Bratislava, Slovak Republic.

3.      Öllerer K., Ștefănuț S., Sanda V., Vicol I. and Ion RG. 2009. Chorological Studies of Vascular Plants in Romania. Abstract published in the Book of Abstracts of the 2nd European Congress of Conservation Biology, 01-05 September 2009, Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague. ISBN 978-80-213-1961-5, page 198.

4.      Öllerer K., Csergő A-M. and T. Hartel. 2008. Vegetation studies towards the management of the Breite woodpasture (Sighisoara, Romania). 8th Conference on Recent Floristical and Vegetation Research in the Carpathian Basin, Gödöllő, Hungary. Abstract published in: Kitaibelia - Journal of Botany and Nature Conservation, 13(1): 184. 

5.      Öllerer K., Hartel T, Moga C-I. and Csergő A-M. 2008. Conservation management activities in the Breite wood pasture natural reserve (Sighisoara, Romania). 6th European Conference on Ecological Restoration, 8-12 September, Ghent, Belgium. Detailed abstract available at .

6.      Öllerer K. and Hartel T. 2007. Saxon cultural landscapes: what amphibians would like most? Getting baseline data for the management of a woodpasture. Abstract published in Bunce, R.G.H., Jongman, R.H.G, Hojas, L. and Weel, S. (Eds) 2007. 25 years Landscape Ecology: Scientific Principles in Practice. Proceedings of the 7th IALE World Congress 8-12 July Wageningen, The Netherlands, IALE Publication series 4: 130. 

Papers published in national journals and conference volumes – selection 

1.      Öllerer K. 2009. Importanța conservativă a practicilor tradiționale de utilizare a terenurilor -exemplul habitatelor de pajiște cu stejari din transilvania In: Enache M., Ștefănuț S., Zamfir M. (eds.), A 49-a Sesiune Anuală de Comunicări Științifice. Volum de rezumate. ISBN 978-973-558-441-2, p. 31.

2.      Ștefănuț S., Sanda V., Öllerer K., Vicol I., Ion R., Nicolae C. 2009. Corologia unor specii rare de Trifolium din România. In: Enache M., Ștefănuț S., Zamfir M. (eds.), A 49-a Sesiune Anuală de Comunicări Științifice. Volum de rezumate. ISBN 978-973-558-441-2, p. 32.

3.      Holobiuc I., Blîndu R., Cristea V., Öllerer K., Sanda V. 2008. Aspecte privind conservarea in vitro a speciei rare Dianthus nardiformis Janka. In: Enache M., Ștefănuț S., Zamfir M. (eds.), A 48-a Sesiune Anuală de Comunicări Științifice. Volum de rezumate. ISBN 978-973-558-388-0, p. 78.

4.      Sanda V., Öllerer K., Ștefănuț S. 2008. Date de corologie și cenologie privind specia medicinală Vinca minor L. [with English abstract] Argessis. Studii și Comunicãri - Muzeul Științelor Naturale Pitești 15: 25-35.

5.      Ștefănuț S., Sanda V., Öllerer K., Vicol I., Ion RG. 2008. Corologia speciilor de Medicago din România. In: Enache M., Ștefănuț S., Zamfir M. (eds.), A 48-a Sesiune Anuală de Comunicări Științifice. Volum de rezumate. ISBN 978-973-558-388-0, p. 36.

6.      Moga C.I., Öllerer, K. and Hartel T. 2007. The breeding avifauna of the “Breite Plateau” Natural Reserve and the surrounding forest. Studia Universitatis Babeș-Bolyai, Seria Biologia 52(2): 33-43 (Thomson Reuters – Master Journal List).

7.      Moga C.I., Öllerer K. and Hartel T. 2007. The importance of the riparian forest habitat for the avifaunistical species richness in the Tarnava Mare. Transylvanian Review of Systematical and Ecological Research, 4: 179-186 (Thomson Reuters – Master Journal List). 


1.      Ștefănuț S., Sanda V., Öllerer K., Vicol I., Ion RG. 2009. Atlas Florae Romaniae VI. Fabaceae: Medicago, Melilotus, Ononis and Trigonella. Editura Ars Docendi, București, 179 p.

2.      Sanda V., Öllerer K., Burescu P. 2008. Fitocenozele din România. Sintaxonomie, structură, dinamică și evoluție. [The Plant Communities from Romania. Syntaxonomy, structure, dynamics and evolution, in Romanian with English summary]. Editura Ars Docendi, București, 570 p.

Projects-selection                                                                                                                          Up

-         2009-2011: The implication of local communities in the conservation of wood-pasture habitats from the Saxon villages of Transylvania. EEA NGO grants, participant.

-         2009-present: Research project for the fulfilment of the obligations that our country has towards the application of community regulations regarding the Natura 2000 ecological network – Specific Activities B “The application of the European Commission decisions regarding the Habitats Directive 92/43/CEE”, for the habitat groups: freshwater, cliffs and saline. MMDD and INCDD, participant.

-         2009: The Ancient Oak - Centre for informal education in the Breite Reserve. Alfred Toepfer Stiftung and Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt, initiator and responsible.

-         2008-2011: Development of natural environmental-friendly inhibitors, based on plant extracts, for the use against corrosion and scale deposition in thermal systems - PLANTINHIB. National Centre for Programme Management (CNMP). Programme 4 “Partnerships in Priority Domains”. Coordinator INCDIE ICPE-CA, responsible on behalf of IBB.

-         2008-2010: The present biodiversity in terrestrial ecosystems differentiated on rocky substrate (cliffs) and the influence of global climate change on their evolution. Romanian Academy, participant.

-         2008: BIOWETMAN:  A science based approach to understand biodiversity driven functions and services for improving wetland management. Austrian Science and Research Liaison Offices, participant.

-         2006-2008: Structure and dynamics of natural forest ecosystems, support for the foundation of forestry measures close to nature towards the sustainable management of forests - CEEX NATFORMAN. Coordinator Forest Research and Management Institute – ICAS, participant.

-         2006-2008: Conservation of farmland birds and their habitats in Southern Part of Transylvania Tableland, Romania. Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation, participant.

-         2005-2007: Research regarding the knowledge of biodiversity of Pedunculate and Sessile Oak forests from the Romanian Plain. Romanian Academy, participant.

Other scientific activities                                                                                                 Up

Internships and short study periods:

-         Hungary: Institute of Ecology and Botany of the Hungarian Academy of  Sciences, including several field studies (2009, 2002, 2001),

-         Germany: Alfred Toepfer Akademie für Naturschutz, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg, EuroNatur, Europarc Federation, Deutsche Bundesstifung Umwelt, Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve, (2009, 2008),

-         Bulgaria: Rusenski Lom Nature Park (2009)

-         The Netherlands: Alterra Research Institute, Wageningen (2007)

-         Sweden: Swedish Museum of Natural History, field studies in Lapland - Marsfjället (2006, 2007)

-         Malaysia: field studies on the island of Borneo (Mount Kinabalu, Danum Valley, Kinabutangan, 2007) 

International cooperation agreements:

-         Scientific Cooperation Agreement signed between the Institute of Biology and the Institute of Ecology and Botany of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences concerning comparative studies on biodiversity of Romania and Hungary, Natura 2000 programme, floristics, phytosociology, nature conservation evaluation and monitoring (2009-2011), initiator and coordinator, together with Dr. Simona Mihăilescu. 

Associate editor at North-Western Journal of Zoology, ISI (SCI-Expanded) since 2007.

Important achievements                                                                                                  Up

-         Local organizer of the 12th META – International Botanical Trip in May 2009, as part of the  META Landscape Ecological Vegetation Database and Map project, coordinated by the Institute of Ecology and Botany of the Hungarian Academy of  Sciences.

-         Member of the team that developed and applies the Management Plan of the Breite Ancient Oak Reserve - Sighișoara, and which set up the scientific documentation for the designation of the ROSCI0227 Sighișoara-Târnava Mare and ROSPA0099 Podișul Hârtibaciului Natura 2000 sites.

-         Scholarships: European Scientific Foundation (2009), Deutsche Bundesstifung Umwelt (2008), Landscape Europe (2007), Swedish Biodiversity Centre and SEEDNet (2005-2007).

Membership in scientific organizations                                                                            Up

-         International Association for Vegetation Science

-         European Association for Landscape Ecology

-         European Dry Grassland Group

-         Landscape Ecology Group of the Mihai Eminescu Trust

-         International Society for Conservation Biology



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