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Volume 63, No. 1-2, 2018



J.S.R. ALURI, V.R. KUNUKU, Pollination ecology of Rhynchosia heynei Wight & Arn. (Fabaceae), an endemic medicinal herbaceous shrub species of peninsular India

pp. 3

A.R. EIVAZI, M. REZAEI, R. ABDOLAZIMAZDEH, Identifying superior wheat lines in participation with extension-researches

pp. 21

S. SARDASHTI, Effect of sucrose supplementation in micro-propagation nodal culture of sicilian Soapwort (Saponaria sicula)

pp. 37

F.E. HELEPCIUC, E.M. MITOI, A. BREZEANU, Plant Cellular-level defense responses induced by non-antagonistic bacteria

pp. 45

I. VICOL, The chorology of Cresporhaphis M. B. AGUIRRE 1991 genus in Romania

pp. 53

A. DERBALAH, I. KHATAB, M.S. ALLAH, Molecular identification of Aspergillus flavus and its ability for malathion biodegradation

pp. 57


I.I. ARDELEAN, Measuring Biological Impacts of Nanomaterials

p. 69


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