The Team

The team involved in this project encompassed 4 research scientists, 3 PhD students and 1 technical staff. Their scientific contribution is complementary and in accordance with their expertise. The specific tasks of each team member are adjacently indicated. The time commitment represents 50% or 25% of full time activity, and corresponds to 80 or 40 hours/ month (4 or 2 hours/day) uniformly distributed along 48 months of the project, as indicated.

Dr. Cristina Purcarea, Senior research scientist 1 Expertise: biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, extremophiles. Tasks: project leader, responsible for all the research activities and management of the project. Time: 50%

Dr. Alexandra Hillebrand, Senior research scientist 3 Expertise: biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, underground ecosystems. Tasks: molecular investigations of bacteria and archaea from ice, isolation of new microorganisms. Time: 50%

Dr. Aurel Perşoiu, Research scientist Expertise: speleology, geological dating of Scarisoara Cave. Tasks: speleological assistance for sampling, geochemical analyses. Time: 25%

Dr. Traian Brad, Research scientist Expertise: eukaryotic microorganisms, molecular biology. Tasks: microbiological and molecular studies of ice eukaryotic microorganisms. Time: 50%

MSc. Corina Iţcuş, PhD Student

Dr. Lavinia Iancu, Research scientist Expertise: molecular microbiology and statistics

MSc. Madalina Denisa Pascu, PhD Student

MSc. Iris Sarchizian, PhD student Expertise: microbiology, cyanobacteria. Task: microbiological and molecular studies of cyanobacteria from ice. Time: 50%

Elena Albu, Technical assistant Tasks: laboratory technical support. Time: 50%