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Degraded mires and peatlands restoration of North-East 1 region of Romania (PeatRO2) 


The general objective of the project is improving ecological status in ecosystems, reducing the negative effects of human activities and reducing vulnerability to the impact of climate change.

The specific objective of the project are:

  1. To restore the structure and function within 12 degraded wetland/peatland ecosystems
  2. Mitigate the effects of climate change on a number of 12 wetland/peatland degraded ecosystems
  3. Raising awareness amongst local communities, stakeholders and the general public, about the importance of wetland /peatlands
  4. To support local capacity to mitigate the effects and adapt to a changing climate All the proposed objectives contribute significantly to the achievement of the general objective of the Programme “Improved environmental status in ecosystems” through:

  a total of 720,76 ha habitats restored as main result of the objective 1;

  biodiversity loss and reducing carbon emission as ultimate achievement of objective 2;

  mitigation of the anthropic pressure in the wetland /peatland ecosystems as the main expected result of objective 3;

  an educated public that can face the threats and adapt - the main outcome of objective 4.