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Nr. Contract: 229/2013



Genetic Evolution: New Evidences for the Study of Interconnected Structures. A Biomolecular Journey around the Carpathians from Ancient to Medieval Times”


Evolutie Genetică: Dovezi noi în studiul unor structuri interconectate. O călătorie biomoleculară în jurul Carpaţilor din Antichitate până în Evul Mediu


The extended team of this project reunites historians, archaeologists, biologists, MD’s and physicists who approach in a interdisciplinary manner the study of past human populations who occupied at diverse intervals and in diverse locations around the Carpathian mountains the territory of today’s Romania.

The main aims of this study are:

·        to standardize and enhance aDNA recovery and analysis by means of a interdisciplinary approach (molecular biology and physics).

·        to illustrate the genetic population structure at different moments in time, in a geographic space with dynamic demographics (population movement, diverse ethnic interactions, layered societies, etc).

·        to reveal genealogic relationships in relevant necropoleis/cemeteries.

·        to characterize the target populations in regard to quotidian customs by means of modern methodological approaches: diet (C and N stable isotope analysis), funerary rites (cremation ŕ  spectroscopical methods to asses cremation temperature, etc.), relevant non-traumatic pathologies (incidence of genetic disorders, if such cases arise).

·        to assess by genetic means the co-evolution of human and animal populations (e.g. genetic fingerprints of domestic animals used as food and/or offerings, of animals found in identifiable imigrant populations, etc).

·        to establish an autochthonous young interdisciplinary team to function beyond the end of the project in the field of bioarchaeology, with both scientific (academic research), commercial (expertise and analysis of samples for third parties) and formative (passing on information to the next generation of “bioarchaeologists” via courses, workshops, etc.) responsibilities.                                                              



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